5 Ways to Sell Your Home Fast

Spring has begun and so has the hottest season of real estate! This time of year is when homeowners usually prefer to sell and is when houses (when priced properly) can sell within a day! If you’re thinking about selling sometime soon and want to know some tangible tips you can use to start getting your home “show ready”, here are 5 things you can do today!

1. Declutter 

Staging is the new selling. And by staging, I mean getting rid of all personal items, 90% of countertop items, and packing up at least 50% of your house. So what does that look like specifically? On your countertops, make sure all food is put away, all mail or “loose leaf” items are out of sight, and there’s no dishes or soap in the sink. In the bathrooms, make sure all toothbrushes are off the counters, along with medicine, toiletries, or really anything besides a nice centerpiece in the middle of the countertop. In your rooms, you’ll want to make sure the only thing on your nightstand is a lamp and maybe a small decor piece. Pack up, throw away, donate, or recycle anything that isn’t essential, and then put away almost everything that is sentimental or personal to you. Why? As much as your family loves to see cute pictures or sentimental pieces that make them walk down memory lane, the buyers for your home will be complete strangers that want envision what their family portrait or furniture will look like. You want to make sure your house is still staged cute, but is decluttered enough to where the rooms feel bigger and potential buyers can envision their life there. 

2. Light A Candle  

Now, I’m not recommending you leave a candle flame burning when you leave your house for a showing, but you do need to make sure your house smells good. You don’t want something super strong and overpowering, but something simple like vanilla scents or sandalwood can make people feel more at home when they walk through the door. I’ve shown houses that have smelled amazing, and I’ve shown houses that smell awful, and nothing leaves a more lasting impression than how a house is presented in how it’s staged and how it smells. The more inviting you make your house, the more people feel like it’s a home.  

3. If Your House Needs Work, Update or Price Accordingly 

 You don’t need to have all new everything to sell your home but if there’s repairs that you know need to be done, go ahead and fix them so your house shows well. All sellers are required by state law to fill out a Property Condition Disclosure form that requires the homeowner to disclose if something is wrong or broken on the property, so if it is something fixable within your budget go ahead and do it! Examples of low cost fixes are any leaks, peeling paint, normal wear and tear like holes or scratches on walls, clogged drains, or HVAC units needing cleaned or updated. If you aren’t willing or can’t afford to do repairs that are major, I always advise my clients to price accordingly because it will be a issue in inspections!

4.  Be Flexible on Show Times

Having a quick “pre-showing” routine and being flexible on when you can leave to allow your house to be shown is very important.  A quick and easy pre-showing routine example is vacuuming the floors, lighting a candle for 10 minutes while you’re cleaning up, wiping down counters and getting rid of trash, and making sure beds are made and toys are put away. When too many personal things are out or the house feels messy, buyers almost feel like they are intruding on your home and it makes them uncomfortable! Having a flexible schedule also allows for even more opportunities for every buyer to get a chance to see it. If you have non-negotiable times, don’t worry it’s not a deal breaker, but just let your realtor know if you will have a specific schedule so they can advertise accordingly. 

5. Choose the Right Realtor  

 You want to make sure your realtor is an area expert, knows how to stage, does thorough comps to accurately price your home, has professional and high quality marketing, will do open houses and brokers opens, will take professional pictures and videos of your home, has a large circle of influence for potential buyers, is an expert negotiator, has high rating reviews, and has huge brand recognition. If you’re a local Tulsa homeowner, my team The Tulsa Living Group at RE/MAX Results offers each and every client all of those perks and more. If you’re out of state, RE/MAX is international and we have connections with agents all over the world, so we can easily help you find a professional that works for you and has all these perks as well. Email thetulsalivinggroup@gmail.com or visit our website here for any and all inquiries, my team would love to assist in any way we can! We hope this blog has been helpful to you!

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