CariPro Toothbrush by SmileBrilliant

Last week I received my first ever electric toothbrush that had multiple brushing modes! I typically use the standard ones you can find at Walmart, but the CariPro makes a ton of difference.  There’s five different modes; clean, white, massage, gum care, and sensitive. Clean is for standard use and to clean daily. White is for removing stains and deep cleaning. Massage is for massaging your gums, and gum care is for cleaning your gums. The last mode sensitive is for those who have sensitive gums and teeth and who find the other modes too aggressive. I recommend using at least the first four modes daily, and you will be able to notice and feel a difference in your teeth after using it consistently. It comes with its own charger and an extra toothbrush head, so you can always recharge it and change out the heads when needed. If you’re wanting to up your smile game I definitely recommend it! You can get yours here, along with using my 20% off code raeganlee20 ! They make great Christmas gifts! Also, click here for my outfit details on!

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