Anthropologie Try On

I had a gift card to Anthropologie and they were having a store wide sale this weekend, so I decided to go to the Utica Square location and try on some holiday outfits! I grabbed several things throughout the store and headed to the fitting rooms to see which outfit I loved best for Christmas Day. Here’s my thoughts on what I tried, I hope it helps give you some ideas on some festive outfits! 


Click  here  for the dress

Click here for the dress

Pros: This dress was super soft and comfortable, and it was a cute color that I could dress up or down. 

Cons: The material was thin and showed every imperfection,  so I definitely recommend it for people who value comfort over details 


Click  here  for the jumpsuit  

Click here for the jumpsuit  

Pros: this fit me well and made my legs look thin! With the heels it really made it a statement suit.  

Cons: I decided it was too busy and low cut for what I wanted in a Christmas outfit, so it didn’t make the final cut. 


Pros:  this fit me really well, and I always love velvet clothes. It was thick and soft and made me look thinner. I also loved the color and think it can be great in the fall and on Christmas. Click here for the jumpsuit 

Cons: the only reason I didn’t get this one is because I had just bought a green velvet jumpsuit for Black Friday at Abercrombie (which you can view here) so I wanted to get something I didn’t already have!  



Click  here  for the top

Click here for the top

Pros: this top was super cute! The top fit well and was light yet loud.  

Cons: I wanted something more festive looking and a little fancier, but I loved this top as an overall piece.  


Click  here  for the outfit  

Click here for the outfit  

Pros: I ended up getting this skirt! I loved it, I thought I could not only dress it up for Christmas but I could also reuse it in the fall and spring. I also have a lack of long skirts so I was happy to buy something I didn’t already have a million of! The shirt was also velvet and was super cute, and was the same color as the jumpsuit I loved.  

Cons: the only bad thing I could think of the skirt was that it could be hard to wash because of the embroidered beads. I got it anyway though! I didn’t end up getting the top because it didn’t fit quite right with the skirt, but I purchased a red sweater in the store that one of the workers suggested I pair with it! Here is the sweater I got, I’ll be posting the full outfit on Christmas!!  


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